Penn State students bring traffic safety to forefront

STATE COLLEGE -- Penn State students are bringing awareness to traffic safety downtown through online social media contests in which people can share their stories of close calls with cars while crossing the street.

"I've had many close calls," said Penn State student Brianna Varno. "Sometimes I get distracted with a text message and realize I crossed the street and was inches away from a car."

Julia Termbaly, a senior at Penn State, said Monday street safety requires a joint effort between drivers and pedestrians.

"When close calls happen, it's easy to say it's the other person's fault, but we need to work together to make this community safe, " Termbaly said.

The Centre County Bicycle Coalition was also on the streets Monday, bringing awareness to traffic safety by handing out a free bike light to any cyclist who passed by.

"It's illegal to be riding without a light between dusk and dawn," said Andrew Artz. "Most bicycle accidents go unreported."

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