Second Mile organization asks court to formally go out of business

The Second Mile headquarters before the Sandusky scandal.

BELLEFONTE, Pa. -- The directors of the Second Mile organization, founded by Jerry Sandusky, asked a court to formally go out of business and close its doors.

The 40-page document was just filed in Centre County court. It shows the Second Mile board of directors said the organization's decline since Sandusky's arrest is now complete. They said fundraising has fallen off to zero and most of the assets have already been distributed.

This action formalizes what was decided in a meeting in July last year to close the doors on the Second Mile. The court action asked for any remaining assets to be transferred to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office.

It also said there are no claims pending against the Second Mile but said "petitioners are aware Penn State has indicated it may file a claim of indemnification against the Second Mile or its insurers arising out of claims of Sandusky."

The court filing ended with a request that the Second Mile be officially dissolved by the court.

The Second Mile was founded by Sandusky and its honorary board of directors which once included Bob Hope and ex-president Gerald Ford, along with a host of sports starts.

Many of them, including ex-Penn State football greats, were here every summer for the annual Second Mile Gold Tournament

The Second Mile was founded by Sandusky in 1977. At one point it had millions of dollars in assets in helping thousands of children in Pennsylvania.