Sandyvale hosting dedication ceremony for new tree allée

Sandyvale is hosting a dedication ceremony for their new tree allée. (WJAC)

JOHSNTOWN - Sandyvale Memorial Gardens will host a dedication ceremony for a new tree allée that is being added to its property this weekend.

The gardens are known for being lush, colorful and rich with local history.

Programming director Diana Kabo believes that the tree allée will be a great addition to the land.

"When we received all of these request for memorial trees, we thought, how can we incorporate that into our master plan?” she said.

After two years of work, 20 eastern redbud trees and 2 dogwood trees now line the road.

Donors from as far away as California will attend a special ceremony on Saturday to celebrate the tree allée.

“The ceremony will be interactive for the donors and their families, along with being respectful and honorable,” Kabo said.”

During the ceremony, a person from each donor family will take a white ribbon and place it on the tree in honor of a loved one.

The tree allée is just one part of Sandyvale's beautification project.

Students, like Grace Messina, also visit the greenhouse to learn more about the garden through a pilot program.

"We’ve learned a lot," Ishe said. "I think it's really important to learn about the earth so we can help keep it safe."

The fifth-grader said she loved getting her hands dirty as she potted, watered and learned more about plant life.

Diane Rugh, a former teacher and current volunteer at the gardens, believes that Sandyvale is a hidden gem in Johnstown.

"When we talked to the students last week, we talked about the importance of conservancy, it’s worth saving natural resources and historic sites, and this place has it all," Rugh said."

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