Code enforcement officials find new ways to fight blight in Johnstown

LeRoy Palov, a code enforcement officer in Johnstown, surveys a part of the city. (WJAC)

JOHNSTOWN — Code enforcement officers in the city have started issuing tickets instead of warnings to people whose houses are in violation of the city’s code.

Code enforcement officer Leroy Palov sees the most common violations, like excessive trash outside, every day.

For instance, on Thursday, he inspected an abandoned home in the Kernville section of the city where tons of trash, tires and furniture lay strewn about on the street and in the yard.

Since the house is abandoned, Palov said the city will be responsible for cleaning it up, a tall order, considering the number of abandoned homes across the city.

But even when a house isn’t abandoned, Palov said it can still be difficult to get the place cleaned up.

“The other tickets we gave them, they basically ignored,” Palov said.

That’s why they have new tickets — at least a $25 fine on the spot, instead of a warning.

“There’s more of a tendency to pay the fine than just ignore it,” Palov said.

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