Juniata students build new kiln for college


HUNTINGDON - A group of Juniata college students are doing their part to rebuild a popular campus structure that had to be torn down in 2012.

Brick they brick, the students put together a brand new kiln for college over their spring break.

Becky Hingley, an environmental science major at the college, said Friday that she knew making the kiln was a job she couldn't refuse.

"I think we are all aware that even when we are done with the kiln, it's still going to last for a long time and after we graduate, it's still going to be there."

The new wood kiln will allow thousands of art students to bring their creations to life and the ones building it know the impact they are making.

"Students are going to have a great level of ownership with this kiln," said Steve Grimmer, who designed the kiln. "They can say they made their pots, fired their pots, and made the kiln they fired their own pots in."

When their previous kiln was torn down, it was in the hands of Bethany Benson, an art professor at the college, to find a replacement.

"I didn't know if we would have students helping or not," she said. "But this is a great group of kids and they are working so hard on this."

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