Johnstown student recognized for standing up to bullying


JOHNSTOWN- A Johnstown middle school student was recognized Wednesday for his actions and choice to stick up for someone being bullied.

School officials said it's something the school has been promoting with their "Be Someone's Hero" campaign to stop the bullying.

Jaiywon Breeden,11, is a fifth grade student at East Side Elementary. The assistant principal, Tom Smith, said when Jaiywon saw another student being bullied, he stood up and stepped in to stop it.

"They were making fun of his weight and stuff. I didn't like it so I stuck up for him. I told them to stop doing it," said Jaiywon.

His actions were something Smith said needed to be recognized.

"It shows the fact that elementary schools and teachers are teaching the right thing. The hero program is starting to take impact, and we're seeing the results of that," Smith said. "Students like Jaiywon, doing what he did for another student, we want to use him as someone who sets an example for others."

During a ceremony on Wednesday, students were called into the auditorium to learn about Jaiywon's courage.

Cambria County Commissioner Tom Chernisky awarded Jaiywon with a certificate for having demonstrated superior strength and courage to complete the heroic deed of protecting a fellow student.

"He wanted to be a hero that day. He chose not to be the villain. The hero. That's what we want to express to our youth. Be the hero and step up and help others," Smith said.

Jaiywon made a poster two weeks ago to illustrate what he believes students should do when it comes to bullying.

"It means color doesn't matter. We all need to take our hand in the stand,"Smith said.

"This is a great way to tell classmates, no matter how old or young, no to bullying," Chernisky said.

"The poster is for anti-bullying. It's a hand and says take my hand in the stand. No matter what color. Brown, light skin, any color you are, take a hand," Jaiywon said.

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