Convicted murderer accused of assaulting corrections officer, faces second life sentence

BELLEFONTE - A convicted murderer serving life in prison is facing a second life sentence after being accused of assaulting a corrections officer at SCI Benner.

According to a criminal complaint, Jacob Amenuvor, 43, attacked a corrections officer Feb. 8 after he waited for the prison official to be alone.

Amenuvour is accused of punching the victim five to six times in the face and continued to hit the prison official after he was on the floor.

The complaint revealed that Amenuvor strangled the corrections officer, cutting off the victim's oxygen.

Officials said the officer was able to stop the assault only after he grabbed and squeezed Amenuvor's genitals.

The felon has since been charged with aggravated assault by a life prisoner, which carries a life sentence.

Amenuvor has been transferred to a different SCI facility and will be arraigned March 14.

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