Bedford schools recover from cyberattack

BEDFORD -- Bedford schools have experienced internet outages since January, and in recent weeks, district leaders found out it was due to a cyberattack.

Superintendent Allen Sell said the school district first noticed hours of internet service outages a few months ago.

He said the school relies on cloud-based systems, including Google Drive, to operate. Students, teachers and administration all use the internet to access files, upload assignments, accounting, emails and much more.

Sell said that he found out recently that the internet service providers determined the problem to be someone using all of the internet access, and that someone from outside the schools found the IP address and had access to the internet, using up all availability.

He added that reaching out to State Police to conduct a forensic investigation to identify the culprit is an option on the table.

"It's not a kid trying to change a grade, or someone trying to get information out of our system, or anything like that" Sell said. "It's just strictly maliciously designed to put our service down so that we can't operate. It just seems that mean."

For now, the internet service is back up and running on temporary fixes, but the district is installing heavier firewalls to make sure this never happens again.

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