Penn State student revolutionizes concussion testing

STATE COLLEGE - A team of Lancaster County natives are on their way to making concussion testing faster and cheaper for high school athletes with their "game changing" device.

Matt Roda, a sophomore at Penn State said Friday he hopes to have his device available for athletic programs to purchase but 2018.

"Once we have a bit more clinical validation on it we plan on seeing how this device will work with athletic directors, coaches, and players themselves," he said.

They call the device, "The Edge." He and his friends came up with an idea in high school to develop a machine that could measure responses like reaction time and hand-eye coordination, in a faster and cheaper manner.

"You always want to get evaluated as soon as possible to determine if you have a concussion," said Penn State research coordinator, Michael Galentine. "The younger you are, the more important that is."

They say today's methods don't always catch when an athlete has a concussion and their device will be able to detect even the smallest injury. Roda says he hopes his device will prevent generations of high school athletes from serious long-term effects of what a concussion could bring.

"We have done a lot of research with the high school to figure out what their needs are and how we can cater to them."

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