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Second annual Guns and Hoses game

Updated: Sunday, February 23 2014, 11:27 AM EST

By: WJAC Web Staff

JOHNSTOWN, Pa. -- The second annual Guns versus Hoses game took place Saturday night in Johnstown.

Area police and firefighters took to the ice all in the name of a good cause.

The area’s finest suited up with pads and skates to face off, benefiting the local chapter of the Pennsylvania Special Olympics.

“It provides us with that money we need, otherwise we’re paying out of pocket,” said Special Olympics helper Melissa Jones. “There isn’t that much money in today’s economy, so fundraisers help us a great deal.”

Teams were made up of police and firefighters from several area departments but the fun rivalry they had while on the job was played on the ice.

Police scored first in the game but the firefighters fired back quickly in the second period, sending the game to a shootout.

“Some of us will never get to play in a shootout ever in our lives so that was pretty fun,” said Johnstown Fire Department member Kevin Schrock.

Fans even had fun in the stadium cheering for their team.

“I think it was a good turnout,” said Richland Police Department member Jason Shuman. “All the police and fire guys along with all the fans that showed up to support the Special Olympics, so I think everything turned out pretty well.”

The Guns beat the Hoses in the shootout, which made the final score 2-1.

Police won during the first run of the charity event one year ago, which makes them undefeated. 



Second annual Guns and Hoses game

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