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Last Update on May 05, 2015 07:13 GMT


NEW YORK (AP) -- Him. David Letterman. Lots of free time. And dominoes. That's what President Barack Obama sees in the future after he leaves office -- and the "Late Show" comedian finishes his run as a TV host. Obama made his eighth and final appearance on Letterman and spoke kindly of him, saying Letterman has "been there to give us a little bit of joy and a little bit of laughter" after a hard day's work. For his part, Letterman listed "Top 10 Questions Dumb Guys Ask the President." One of the questions: "Will you be a guest on one of my last shows?"

President Barack Obama says problems in our cities go beyond issues of police abuse. COURTESY: Worldwide Pants Productions ((mandatory on-air credit))

<<CUT ..003 (05/05/15)>> 00:18 "make you hopeful"

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama says we're making progress against racism. ((note length of cut)) COURTESY: Worldwide Pants Productions ((mandatory on-air credit))

<<CUT ..004 (05/05/15)>> 00:15 "the local Starbucks (laughs)"

President Barack Obama and David Letterman

President Barack Obama says with his term ending and David Letterman retiring, maybe they could hangout together. COURTESY: Worldwide Pants Productions ((mandatory on-air credit))

<<CUT ..005 (05/05/15)>> 00:17 "meant so much"

President Barack Obama

President Barack Obama tells David Letterman his decades on TV have been a service to the nation. ((note length of cut)) COURTESY: Worldwide Pants Productions ((mandatory on-air credit))


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- An actress who accused Los Angeles police of racial profiling has been ordered to apologize to those officers. Daniele Watts complained when officers showed up to investigate a report that she was having sex with her boyfriend in a parked car. Watts said they were just kissing -- and accused the officers of racial bias. Watts has pleaded no contest to disturbing the peace with loudness and was ordered to apologize to three officers who handled her case. She also must apologize to those in a building near where they were parked. As part of the deal, the lewd conduct charge goes away.


NEW YORK (AP) -- He's the man behind Big Bird -- and hangs with Oscar the Grouch in that "Sesame Street" trash can. While some fans know who Caroll Spinney is, few have seen him outside of costume. That's changing now that he is being featured in a documentary called "I Am Big Bird: The Caroll Spinney Story." The film will be available on iTunes and video-on-demand starting today -- and will be in theaters May 15. Spinney is 81 and has been handling the Big Bird chores for nearly half a century. Spinney says he thinks of Big Bird as one of his kids, but isn't as warm toward Oscar. He says Oscar is more like a guy who knows him -- but doesn't like him.

Caroll Spinney says his daugther has been ambivilent about his work as the voice of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch on "Sesame Street."

<<CUT ..014 (05/05/15)>> 00:04 "person in America (laughs)"

Caroll Spinney

Caroll Spinney says he has an interesting life.

<<CUT ..015 (05/05/15)>> 00:15 "so well received"

Caroll Spinney

Caroll Spinney says at first he didn't seek much attention for himself as the voices of Big Bird and Oscar the Grouch.

<<CUT ..016 (05/05/15)>> 00:10 "never liked me"

Caroll Spinney

Caroll Spinney says he definitely has a favorite when it comes to the two Muppet characters he's best known for voicing.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Muppets are helping YouTube mark its 10th anniversary. They will be appearing in skits and other online videos along with several people who have made a name for themselves on the video-sharing service. YouTube's anniversary event runs through May. The streaming service opened with its public beta launch in May 2005.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- The Top 6 on "The Voice" saluted moms on last night's show, as Mother's Day nears. Meghan Linsey wowed the coaches with "Amazing Grace." She's Team Blake's last hope, and Blake Shelton says there's a new sheriff in town. Christina Aguilera can't believe Team Blake could win it all again, thanks to Meghan. The kid of the season, Team Pharrell's Sawyer Fredricks, also got high marks from the coaches. Tonight, the field is cut to the Top 5, going into next week's semifinals.

Christina Aguilera says Blake Shelton's team could win again, thanks to Meghan. COURTESY: NBC (mandatory on-air credit))

<<CUT ..008 (05/05/15)>> 00:14 "you, absolutely unbelievable (cheers)"

Blake Shelton and Meghan Linsey

Blake Shelton says Meghan's version of "Amazing Grace" puts her in contention to take it all. COURTESY: NBC (mandatory on-air credit))


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- It was a perfect night -- times two -- for Rumer Willis. Last night on "Dancing With the Stars," Willis got the first round of perfect scores of the season with her rumba. She followed that up with another round of perfect 10s on her paso doble (PAH'-soh DOH'-blay) with two male pros. Each of the remaining celebs did two dances last night, including one with two partners. Willis tops the judges' leaderboard. Willis' mom, Demi Moore, was in the audience to cheer her on. "Shark Tank's" Robert Herjavec was the night's low-scorer. Tonight, two celebs will be sent home.

Head judge Len Goodman say Rumer Willis' rumba was perfect. COURTESY: BBC Worldwide Limited and American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ((mandatory on-air credit))

<<CUT ..011 (05/05/15)>> 00:16 ""

Announcer and judges

The judges give Rumer Willis the first round of perfect scores of the season. COURTESY: BBC Worldwide Limited and American Broadcasting Companies, Inc. ((mandatory on-air credit))


NEW YORK (AP) -- Rihanna shut down the Met Gala's red carpet in a regal yellow coat. Beyonce wore a peekaboo custom gown adorned with multicolored crystals and stones. The evening was aimed at raising millions for the museum's Anna Wintour Costume Center, was inspired by the Met's new exhibit, "China: Through the Looking Glass." Pictures of the celebrity-studded event could only be taken on the red carpet, though. There was a selfies ban inside. Sarah Jessica Parker was OK with that, calling it "liberating." She says she likes the idea of experiencing the night without panicking about documenting it.

Actress Amanda Seyfried says selfies should never have been invented.

<<CUT ..019 (05/05/15)>> 00:05 "life, my culture"

Naomi Campbell, model

Model Naomi Campbell says she loves the theme of the current Met exhibit, "China: Through the Looking Glass."

<<CUT ..020 (05/05/15)>> 00:07 "actually do it"

Sarah Jessica Parker, actress

Actress Sarah Jessica Parker says TV host Andy Cohen is often her date for events like the Met Gala.


LOS ANGELES (AP) -- "Star Wars" is getting some online love. Google is putting information about the fictional universe into its Knowledge Graph. Its' the first time such a fantasy location has been treated like it's real. The collaboration means if you ask Google "Who is Luke's father," you'll get Darth Vader as the answer. The tie-in was announced yesterday -- known to fans as Star Wars Day, May 4. You know, as in May the Fourth Be With You.

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