Year in Review: Politics in 2011

Reporter: James Gherardi

Danville, VA - 2011 was not without some serious political shakeups. Some of what we saw? A republican sweep of the state legislature, a favorite senator says no more, and a slew of presidential hopefuls hit the Hill City, preaching Liberty and justice for all.

Liberty University was a-flame with Presidential hopefuls this year. In September former front runners, Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry came to campus. "We can not settle for the federal government taking over private industry," said Bachmann. "America is going to be guided by some set of values; the question is going to be whose values," said Perry.

Less than a month later, Herman Cain and Sarah Palin came to Liberty. When word was out Palin was coming, Lynchburg hotels sold out as visitors flooded the city all waiting in anticipation of what she would say. "There are the worlds' standards of perfection and then there's God's standard of perfection and at the end of the day...that's all that matters," said Palin.

Jim Webb announced he was saying so long to the U-S senate. He barely beat out former governor, George Allen in the 2006 election. But Allen wouldn't stay out of the spotlight for long... The nation is watching closely now as two former governors - Allen and Tim Kaine square off.

2011 proved to be the year of the Virginia republicans. 14 year Southside senator Roscoe Reynolds lost to Republican Bill Stanley. The race was one of the most expensive in senate history. "It's so important now that we create the legacy for Southside and southwest Virginia that's been missing for fourteen years," said Stanley following his victory.

All said and done, Virginia republicans managed to break even in the senate. Splitting the parties right down the middle.