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Marketing Executive

Office: 814-255-7622

Cell: 814-418-9618

Fax: 814-255-3958


Why work with me?

A decade of business-to-business experience in:

  • Broadcast Media

  • Digital Media

  • Print Media

  • Business

  • Management

What do I do?

Specialize in helping businesses reach their highest potential prospects with a compelling message that will trigger a desired action.

What you can expect from me.

  • I value your unique personality and situation.
  • I understand what makes every individual unique and am able to individualize my services according to your business needs.
  • I have a strong internal drive to set challenging goals for myself to help you achieve your business goals.
  • I am highly persistent when working toward your objectives.
  • I am driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and a natural desire to see your business succeed.
  • I am able to relate to many different kinds of people and personalities.
How can I help you?
  • Get more sales

  • Get more customers

  • Reach an audience of your highest potential prospects

  • Set yourself apart from the competition

  • Own the #1 position

Strong work Ethic
I am very persistent, especially when I know that I have a solution that will be valuable to my client and help them grow their business.

Businesses I have
Already Helped:

How can I help you?

  • Get more sales

  • Get more customers

  • Reach an audience of your highest potential prospects.

  • Set yourself apart from the competition.

  • Own the #1 position

What I need from you!

  • Be completely honest with your answers.

  • Share your problems and concerns.

  • Allow me to understand your business.

  • Provide me with constant feedback- good or bad.

What my clients say about me!
Eric is always genuinely looking out for my best interest as a client, and I could not be happier with the service and dedication Eric brings to the table. I think he is an exceptional representative of WJAC and I consider him a trusted advertising partner.  
Jesper Nielson
Sargent's Personnel Agency

Eric has been with us since we opened our business two years ago. He has given us great advertising opportunities that have really elevated our sales. He is a great asset and we wouldn't want anyone else.

Jim and Ann Petrunak
Petrunak's Clearance Outlet

Mr. Vizzini, our marketing representative is very professional, checking up on our company regularly to meet our needs. He is very creative coming up with new promotional ideas and is willing to work with us to achieve our goals. We are very happy with our campaigns.

Keith Keilman
Need A Hand Handyman Service