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What makes DNA Interventional Spine and Sports Medicine unique?
The providers at the DNA Johnstown location are focused on non-narcotic approaches to the treatment of chronic pain and sports injuries. We do this by utilizing a multifaceted approach including interventional techniques, co-treatment with other providers, promotion of health, exercise and nutrition, neurostimulation, and other alternative treatment options. We maintain solid working relationships with the referring and cotreating providers and pride ourselves on being accessible and responsive. All treatments are used to decrease pain and increase function without relying on pain medications.Our Practice PhilosophyTo offer state of the art pain services, while providing the highest quality of care for patients.Our VisionTo offer a premier multidisciplinary pain and sports medicine service, utilizing a wide variety of resources including individualized rehabilitation, psychological and interventional therapies to treat a wide variety of conditions.NeurostimulationNeurostimulation  delivers therapeutic doses of electrical current to the spinal cord or peripheral nerves for the management of neuropathic pain. The most common indications include post-laminectomy syndrome, complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), ischemic limb pain, angina, spinal stenosis, disc herniation spine arthritis, headache, back and neck pain. Neurostimulation can also be helpful regarding the treatment of intractable pain due to other causes including visceral/abdominal pain, cervical neuritis pain, spinal cord injury pain, post-herpetic neuralgia, and neurogenic thoracic outlet syndrome. Experience suggests that, in appropriately selected patients, SCS can produce at least 50% pain relief in 50%-60% of the implanted patients. With the proper follow-up care, these results can be maintained over several years.



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DNA Interventional Spine and Sports Medicine - Johnstown 360 Goucher Street, Suite 102 Johnstown, Pa 15905

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