Making a Difference: Teen shines in Cambria County Camp Cadet Program

(WJAC Online)

CRESSON - The Cambria County Camp Cadet Program has been around for many years, and numerous students have completed the program.

There's one cadet in particular that is inspiring others and helping the program succeed.

There's a lot of physical and mental work that's involved in the program, but Elisabeth Felix said that is exactly what drew her to the Cambria County Camp Cadet Program.

“Running and all of that, staying in shape. It was all very fun for me,” said Felix.

Felix said her family’s military background helped her with the program.

"My dad was in the Army, my grandpa is the Navy, and my brothers are going into the national National Guard."

Felix decided to sign up for the program back in the summer of 2015.

Her determination and confidence caught the attention of others within her first day of being in the program.

"It was her confidence that initially caught my attention, and just her overall positive demeanor,” said Trooper Frank Lasinsky.

Trooper Frank Lasinsky has worked with dozens of cadets over the years.

He said he knew right away that Felix was meant to be a leader when she came back to the camp the following year.

"She was leading the pack; she was at the beginning. Other kids see this. And they are inspired when they see one of their peers making it through," said Lasinsky.

Felix’s determination caught the attention of others in the program as well.

“Matter of fact, I said to Trooper Lasinsky, who is her leader, you might as well take the rest of the week off. She could probably run it for you,” said Robert Kunsman.

Felix has also show great commitment to the program in addition to her hard work.

She's worked hard on raising money for the camp for several months.

The camp depends on donations and fundraisers to properly run.

“I raised through the whole community. I raised about $12,000," said Felix.

Now, Felix is focusing on encouraging other students to join the program.

"I’m trying to get more kids to have a positive outlook on actual law enforcement and what they do."

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