Making a Difference: Somerset business owner helps community


SOMERSET - One morning recently, Andrea Younkin took us into her business, Alluring Edge Hair and Nail Salon.

It's where she's busy most of the time, not just working on her clients, but putting together numerous events to help the local community.

One in particular, is her "Dress to the Nines" benefit.

"From the time I was in my 20s, I really wished there was an event like my school dances you can get dressed up for there really wasn't anything. Especially in a small area," Younkin said.

It was a night out with friends when the idea of having an "adult prom" came up. They organized the event in two weeks with proceeds first going to the American Cancer Society.

"With the short period of time we had, we raised a thousand dollars," said Younkin.

When the Dress to the Nines event started about nine years ago, only 25 people attended. Three years later, their event exploded and they needed a lot more space, which, which is why they came to the Stoystown American Legion, which holds about 250 people.

"Each year we pretty much sell out, and it's amazing how everyone dresses," said Younkin.

And as more people started to show up, dressed in their best, the donations increased, especially, especially after Andrea decided to have all the money stay local.

"The Somerset Oncology Center and how all of the money stayed right in Somerset, and only went to patient care."

Dress to the Nines is her biggest benefit, but Andrea has held other benefits such as painting and basket parties.

Over nine years, she's raised more than $150,000.

"150 was kind of in the back of my mind this year. But when I was doing the final numbers I saw that and I was just blown away. This area and this community is just fantastic," Younkin said.

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